Introduction to DBS Web Services API

Available Don Best Web Services

  • Schedule
  • Urgent Messages
  • Injuries
  • Lines
  • Scores
  • Teams
  • Leagues
  • SportsBooks

SOAP Services

The current offering of web services is limited to requesting the service using the SOAP "document based" protocol. As we evolve our services, we anticipate adding RESTFul, XML-RPC, and possibly JMS push services, depending on our clients' needs in the future. If you wish to enquire about pricing please email moc.tsebnod|sdeef#moc.tsebnod|sdeef.

As these are document based services, the request contains the necessary required and optional parameters to invoke these services. This differs from RPC based services where the 'method' name is usually encoded as the root of the request, i.e. GetLines, etc.

All the services are authenticated using ws-security with a plain text username and password. This information is passed in the SOAP header with the request. If the authentication fails the webservice will return a SOAP fault stating what the problems was. If the request is authenticated then it will pass further permission checks based on account settings. For example you may only be allowed to view certain sports books lines, and even if the request contains additional books, the response will only show those books.

For example, to request all 'current' lines for NFL — league Id 1 — your request would look like:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
      <wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="">
         <wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-1" xmlns:wsu="">
            <wsse:Password Type="">MyPassword</wsse:Password>

which results in the following XML being returned to the caller:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
      <lin:LinesResponse time="2009-11-24T19:19:56Z" xmlns:lin="">
         <lin:Event date="2009-11-26T17:30:00Z" id="107981" league="nfl" leagueId="1" name="Green Bay @ Detroit">
               <lin:Book id="1" name="The Greek">
                  <lin:PeriodOdds linePeriod="FG" lineType="current" timeStamp="2009-11-24T17:09:11Z">
                     <lin:Spread awayPoints="-10.5" awayPrice="-110" homePoints="10.5" homePrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Total overPrice="-110" points="47.0" underPrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Combined awayDisplay="10½" homeDisplay="47"/>
               <lin:Book id="2" name="CRIS">
                  <lin:PeriodOdds linePeriod="FG" lineType="current" timeStamp="2009-11-24T15:51:50Z">
                     <lin:Spread awayPoints="-11.0" awayPrice="-110" homePoints="11.0" homePrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Total overPrice="-110" points="47.5" underPrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Combined awayDisplay="11" homeDisplay="47½"/>
               <lin:Book id="9" name="ABC Island">
                  <lin:PeriodOdds linePeriod="FG" lineType="current" timeStamp="2009-11-24T16:34:36Z">
                     <lin:Spread awayPoints="-10.5" awayPrice="-110" homePoints="10.5" homePrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Total overPrice="-110" points="47.5" underPrice="-110"/>
                     <lin:Combined awayDisplay="10½" homeDisplay="47½"/>
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