Injuries Service


The DBS Injuries Service returns a list of injured players along with the player's status and teams.

Available Queries

  • All available injuries
  • Injuries for a team
  • Injuries for a league

WSDL Location


Request Format

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
      <wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="">
         <wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-1" xmlns:wsu="">
            <wsse:Password Type="">MyPassword</wsse:Password>

Request Parameters

Parameter Element Descriptions

Sending an 'empty' request — a request with no elements except the request itself — will return all injuries. To narrow the search, you may specify one of the following optional elements in the request:

Element Description Optional
TeamId injuries for a particular team id yes
LeagueId injuries for a particular league id yes

Parameter Combinations

Parameter Combination Valid Query Description
no parameters yes all injuries
TeamId yes injuries for team
TeamId, LeagueId no N/A
LeagueId yes injuries for league


Response Format

<inj:InjuriesResponse time="2009-11-24T21:06:04Z" xmlns:inj="">
    <inj:League id="1" name="nfl">
        <inj:Team abbr="ARZ" id="16" name="Arizona">
            <inj:Player firstName="Kurt" id="11719" important="true" lastName="Warner">
                <inj:Injury date="2009-11-24" desc="Head" id="93252" pos="QB">
                    <inj:Status>is upgraded to probable Sunday vs. Tennessee</inj:Status>
            <inj:Player firstName="Bryant" id="10048" important="true" lastName="McFadden">
                <inj:Injury date="2009-11-24" desc="Knee" id="93319" pos="CB">
                    <inj:Status>"?" Sunday vs. Tennessee</inj:Status>
            <inj:Player firstName="Chike" id="12263" important="true" lastName="Okeafor">
                <inj:Injury date="2009-11-22" desc="Back" id="92498" pos="ILB">
                    <inj:Status>"?" Sunday vs. Tennessee</inj:Status>
            <inj:Player firstName="Cody" id="44357" lastName="Brown">
                <inj:Injury date="2009-09-29" desc="Wrist" id="86214" pos="LB">
            <inj:Player firstName="Justin" id="22413" lastName="Green">
                <inj:Injury date="2009-08-05" desc="Knee" id="85185" pos="RB">
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